We help merchants, distributors and manufacturers sell product faster.

Analyze Product Data

DataAlchemy's arbitrage engine provides search and rapid fulfillment product recommendations for manufacturers, distributors and merchants. Detect a wide variety of high margin products faster and quickly ship product to fulfillment centers with a single click.

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Automate Purchasing

DataAlchemy enables merchants and distributors to place inventory orders from multiple sources from a single combined view. Inventory for current orders is shown along with purchasing recommendations for moving inventory to rapid fulfillment centers.

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Efficiently Fill Orders

DataAlchemy's order management features allows merchants to view today's orders at a glance and print packing lists & shipping labels with only a few clicks. We integrate seamlessly with both Amazon and Walmart merchant accounts.

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Route Inventory

DataAlchemy's inventory management system allows you to organize and move inventory from source to warehouse quickly and efficiently. Pick, scan and split product using a wide variety of scanners, printers and portable indicators.

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Track Shipments

DataAlchemy's package management enables tracking for both inbound inventory and outbound orders. Spend less time figuring out where stuff is and more time focusing on selling product.

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Guarantee Satisfaction

DataAlchemy's support work-flow enables customer satisfaction by providing seamless ticket integration with Slack, return label printing, refund calculations and reship capabilities. Keep customers happy while still getting product back into inventory!

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“We make it as easy to sell things as Amazon makes it to buy things.”

Jason Pump, CEO